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Understanding Compassion Fatigue:  Fitness for the Frontline.
Download it now (in MP3 format)

A professionally-produced 50-minute audio CD in which Dr. Gentry discusses the causes,
symptoms, cures, and prevention of Compassion Fatigue.  This stimulating CD is the
perfect add-on to his one-day Compassion Fatigue Prevention & Resiliency Workshops.
Download it now (in MP3 format).


J. Eric Gentry, PhD, LMHC
Sheryl Hakala, MD - Consulting Psychiatrist

Compassion Fatigue: A Crucible of Transformation
Pinnacle Principle-Based Professional Coaching
Performance Enhancement
Individualized Training/Supervision


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Compassion Unlimited
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International Association of Trauma Professionals. The premier global certification organazation in trauma treatment.
Dr. Gentry is the Vice-president of this Association


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